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Since 2016 I host the INOC community. INOC stands for
International Organizational Development & Coaching.

But what is INOC?

It is a community of internationally minded professionals who want to net-work across boarders. We formed a core team, that continuously worked on the idea of a learning event rather than just another conference. For our event on November 10-11, we want to invite real participants and not only people who want to consume.

Everyone is invited who already is active in the field of OD & Coaching. This year we have three perspectives:

  1. Intercultural encounter: Of course, we want to use the fact, that we come from different cultural backgrounds. We let you experience state-of-the-art interventions to become a net-working group of professionals right in the beginning…
  2. Roots of Organizational Development: Our field of OD & organizational coaching has cultural based roots: We all work based on a heritage of different „schools“ from different national and therefore cultural backgrounds. Not only will we show these roots but we want you to **become more effective in your daily work** by being more aware of these roots and **learn from each other’s backgrounds**. We also invited **John Scherer** as an expert in this matter as a wonderful inspiring key note speaker.
  3. Return of the autocrats: This is a rather provocative and thought-provoking topic. We all see currently in society  but also in leadership or organizational worlds the rise of **autocratic or even dictatorial patterns**. Tackling them requires collective learning & intelligence. The question is, how to deal with these tendencies professionally and we will address these issues with a reflexive format…

If you are an internationally minded OD & coaching professional, we want YOU for these two days. Here is a video message for you:

One last note: Our INOC network has no profit interests. We want network & learning. That’s why INOC is not a classic organization but an initiative of professionals. The cost for you as participants will help you to finance the expenses of the meeting itself but will not generate profit. We all carry our own travel expenses. We rather want to become a international movement without bureaucratic boundaries.

We also created a SLACK channel to get in touch with you even before the conference. Please join here: https://inocmeeting2017.slack.com/join/shared\_invite/MjEyMzgyMTk4MTk5LTE0OTk4NDY0NDEtZGJlYmE1NWQwZg

Now, I am looking forward to see you soon…

Here is the link to our INOC website & registration: http://www.inoc-network.org/portfolio/inoc-meeting-2017/

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Right or wrong are no helpful thinking categories for Managers. Not for gauging their team members or their workforce. Even worse it gets in change management. It is understandable, that there is a pressure for results. But do you always get what you want? We learn early, that we have to earn things or make them. The worst things happen, when top management wants a new organization. They think result and forget the process. And you will most likely fail to reach the business targets because you cannot do valid organizational design without thinking and actually talking about responsibility – the blood of any organizational system. Responsibility and the ability to take it (is called commitment) need to be designed and discussed alongside the functions. For that you need social processes and open minds in order not to overload your people. Anything else is a miracle or hell: an organization without people.

The focus on results narrows the focus so much, that lessons learned are impossible. Therefore I declare it a management mistake to mix up process with result. Either you let people participate or you can found a new company. But what I see in many industries is the useless Big Bang. In the end there is no benefit. The workforce waits years for it to happen, management is stressed by no longer knowing anything and when it is released it is already outdated and creates chaos…

What do you want for Christmas?

Mental Warm-Up

Sitting in this plane, I find myself in a well-known state of mind, that is closely linked to the traveling activity. This time, it took 2 hours longer due to a delay at Munich airport, but it gave me an unplanned opportunity to find out something important about myself: Traveling has an important function:

it gives me the chance for a mental warm-up. I mean, I do work with leaders on a daily basis, and I am „living“ and experiencing all the concepts that I teach others. But still, it is great to find time for mental images about how I will work an interact during the next days. It always is a challenge to not know the participants before an event, so it is even more important for me to picture myself. And in this case my phantastic colleagues from the customer organization that I enjoy working with. I think of myself more of as an actor, finding into my role although I never ‚play‘.

Well, in the old days, computers used to ‚boot‘. Most of the time, they don’t do this anymore. I do it as a mental habit and to get familiar with the useful part of my professional inner resources that I am going to use. So it is becoming a new and better functioning version than always telling good old stuff. So I find myself being very curious about my adventures with a new group of participants…

I need to say that culture clash doesn‘t do any harm as long as persons do interact in a respectful and open minded way. I want to thank you guys for your cooperation and those wonderful learning moments, that were possible due to your ability to connect to really different and also new persons (like me as a new facilitator in the course of your leadership development program). What did it do to us? Why did it work? Some answers to this from a so called systemic viewpoint…


After the successful seminar last week I traveled home pretty happy . I feel very privileged to work like this: Touching people – or better: Preparing them so they can deep dives and touch themselves and other participants. So dear participants of last week’s workshop: This blog article is for you…


Luckily, there are good examples of organizations doing pretty well in business. Even if they have a history that also shows some dark spots. Typically you will find then years of solid leadership and hard work to  fix the basics, building up a certain market position. In other words: It’s mostly fixing the basics and stabilizing processes & structures. But you also find typical borders of growth – something like a glass bottom…


This blog article is dedicated to my American friends and family – especially to those living in my home town Seattle. Of course it is written for those coaching and consulting people that I deal with here, as well as abroad.

Maybe you know this: You change countries like you change lanes on a Highway these days. But every once in a while you spend enough time in a different context and you find yourself changing! This is for me one of the greatest self experiments I did a couple of times. It is living proof that we construct our realities and that this process is steered mostly by context. Let me show you, how…