Getting change right or how to get a miracle for Christmas.

Right or wrong are no helpful thinking categories for Managers. Not for gauging their team members or their workforce. Even worse it gets in change management. It is understandable, that there is a pressure for results. But do you always get what you want? We learn early, that we have to earn things or make them. The worst things happen, when top management wants a new organization. They think result and forget the process. And you will most likely fail to reach the business targets because you cannot do valid organizational design without thinking and actually talking about responsibility – the blood of any organizational system. Responsibility and the ability to take it (is called commitment) need to be designed and discussed alongside the functions. For that you need social processes and open minds in order not to overload your people. Anything else is a miracle or hell: an organization without people.

The focus on results narrows the focus so much, that lessons learned are impossible. Therefore I declare it a management mistake to mix up process with result. Either you let people participate or you can found a new company. But what I see in many industries is the useless Big Bang. In the end there is no benefit. The workforce waits years for it to happen, management is stressed by no longer knowing anything and when it is released it is already outdated and creates chaos…

What do you want for Christmas?

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