Managing Change: Fear to LOOSE EVERYTHING vs. fear to NOT win?

Thanks to my dear participants for the wonderful change workshop last week.
Just a little reminder for you about an interesting concept.

In many change projects you have to deal with so called resistance or emotions. One emotion that often comes into play is fear. In organizations you find very often behavior, that is driven by fear. The question is: Is there „good“ or helpful fear or „bad“ fear? I guess there is. In some organizations management behavior is driven by fear of loosing everything. You see it typically in very conservative management behavior with slow or no innovation efforts. It is very much about protecting everything not driving new things or taking risk. Because you have so much that is at stake.

How about exchanging that for fear to NOT WIN? This would mean to have a constant market and outside perspective? It would mean that you would not rely on everything that is given (and you don’t take everything for granted). You look constantly for new opportunities and try to win them. Think about it for a moment…

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