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In our Berlin session of a leadership program we tapped the topic of internal barriers that keep people from delivering performance up to their full potential. It is even more intriguing to find out that you are that person. All in a sudden there appears to be what I would call as a metaphor „the Berlin Wall I your head „. The internal mechanism really works similar: an unconscious internal part of the psyche is opposing the conscious one. Often these „parts“ have very old roots and where pretty well functioning at the time they came into play. The concept is actually called „Ego State“ in contemporary research and application. So even if it is unpleasant to become aware of an internal barrier, most of the time the inner territory stays invisible. Like if you would stand in front of a piece of the former Wall in Berlin. This wall was actually built to protect the territory. Again, that is pretty much the same internal mechanism. As history as well as applied Psychology shows: It is possible to tear down walls without loosing territory. In fact the two separated nations became one. And still you can experience differences. What was the clue? It was all about keeping the faith AND keeping the attention focused on a friendly fusion of the things that seem to be apart. It might help to not focus on the wall so much but more on the attached territory. I am sure you understand what I mean and hope that this description was helpful…

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