Good Energy: Appreciating old habits and adding new rituals

I need to say that culture clash doesn‘t do any harm as long as persons do interact in a respectful and open minded way. I want to thank you guys for your cooperation and those wonderful learning moments, that were possible due to your ability to connect to really different and also new persons (like me as a new facilitator in the course of your leadership development program). What did it do to us? Why did it work? Some answers to this from a so called systemic viewpoint…

In terms of learning it is important that our brain starts to learn mainly due to two reasons: First, there needs to be a significant difference of the content to become interesting enough. No difference, no learning. Second, all learning material needs to be relevant to the learner. In other words: It needs to be practical, helpful, related to one‘s (work) environment. Then there‘s a third aspect also affecting learning or meaningfulness. As soon as there is a learning system, the outcome can be much higher. What that means? It makes a difference if you learn in a group of people that are interested in you and your development but have a different background (but hopfefully the same target than you: Learning and development). This social component boosts learning tremendously as it is a good reason to boost also relevance for you. There is an interesting effect, that you might observe for yourself in your business life: Often we tend to think that the performance of a system is linked to the ability of the members of a system. There is interesting evidence that the performance of a living system is more defined by the way the members interact with each other, not so much by the ability of its components. That is definitely true for learning.

You can never compare computer based training with onsite learning in a group of people that know each other well. There are surprising gems that will be discovered and are not even planned. There is insight waiting for those participants participating (not only being a member of an abstract group). That is the reason, why our last module was so extremely successful. You used the relationships to other group members and to us. You were able to raise expectations. We were able to produce on the fly what you needed to be more successful in your business life. AND you have peers that are interested in your development and guide you through the next couple of days. I‘m glad that it happened even if it was so called extra work. It was an investment. And next time we meet, we take it to the next level. Thanks for trusting and relating to us…

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