A Key Competence for Leaders = Provide a learning culture

After the successful seminar last week I traveled home pretty happy . I feel very privileged to work like this: Touching people – or better: Preparing them so they can deep dives and touch themselves and other participants. So dear participants of last week’s workshop: This blog article is for you…

Well, first of all, I need to say, that there were many success factors beside my control that led to that fantastic result. For this client we still are able to set up so called “hosting groups”: In the case of this Leadership Development Program these are participants mainly from one country were the next module takes place. This time, we had the polish participants hosting us in Krakow and I must admit: We were really flattered by Polish hospitality. And of course it has to do with the regional culture, but I am very sure that it has also to do with the persons organizing all that. So this part actually shows a special sort of caring for each other that has nothing to do with the facilitators. Thank you for hosting us.

But besides that very appreciative framework there is a secret that I want you to be aware of. It is something that you all did as a group and that also characterizes many of you from the beginning on. It has very much to do with a key skill that we teach you from the beginning of this management course:

It is all about creating a learning culture! We use very many different didactical formats that foster this learning culture. We want you to become curious and to start to understand that this perspective helps you to stay creative in business, solve unsolved situations beyond what is written in textbooks and really meet other people: Be it the managers you lead, your customers and even your bosses and CXO’s. This learners mindset is one of the greatest gifts to persons in charge – like you are. It prevents from burn out, it helps through stressful times and with it you become a person your spouses and children love, even if you are not home much. Probably, it is the greatest gift for you and your selves as life stays interesting and your impact on the world is much greater than without it.

I don’t exactly know, how you keep THIS in mind. But you will learn. One way or the other. Providing a learning culture will keep you going in the right direction. If it was right or if it needs further orientation? You will learn. And learning culture is something you can implement in your management teams, with your colleagues even again with your customers and bosses. It is up to you if this will be important in the places you may lead others and yourself to success.

I am the happy man to see you all again in May. Many successful days with plenty of insights…


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